Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My beautiful North Dakota...Part 7

This North Dakota series is going to drag out forever if I don't start posting more than a couple pictures at a time!  

There was no shortage of flowers on my mother's farm.  Luckily, flowers are very photogenic.

  I'm starting to think the "accidental" shots are far better than the cutesy, posed ones.  I was sitting on my mother's on my lap...and Rachel was standing next to me.  Her little fingers still have a babyish quality that I love and I wanted an UN-posed picture of her hand at that very moment.  While she and I were still chatting, I moved my hand to the camera and snapped this shot.


This pup, named Boston, renewed our desire to adopt another pup of our own.  Yes, it will be hard to move past the loss of our Page....but 2 years have passed and I think we're ready to be doggie parents again.

Alert the media!  It's a rare shot of Yours Truly!  I put my camera down long enough to give this little girl some Auntie son asked if he could take a picture.  He certainly has been paying attention to my "don't take just one" chant.  I think he took 10!

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